Selena Gomez Has Difficulty Pronouncing Zedd's Real Name

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Selena Gomez--long linked to Justin Bieber--is rumored to be dating music producer and DJ Zedd. The two made a nice looking pair at a Golden Globes after party a few weeks ago. Fortunately for Selena Gomez, who is not only a singer, but an actress, too, no one at the after party asked her to pronounce Zedd's real name. You see, she's been having a bit of difficulty in mastering it.

Zedd's real name is Anton Zaslavski. Born in Russia, he is of both Russian and German descent.

Selena Gomez recently tried to perfect her pronunciation of her supposed boyfriend's last name--and she posted a video of her attempts on Instagram. For unknown reasons, she took that video down, but not before someone was clever enough to copy it and post it to YouTube instead.

Selena, who appears in the video with friend Theresa Marie Mingus, captioned her original post, "@tmarie247 and I trying to say Antons last name."

How interesting that Selena Gomez refers to Zedd as Anton and not by his professional name.

Zedd, is of course, most famous in the U.S. for his 2013 hit song, 'Clarity.'

Hopefully if Selena Gomez plans on hanging out with Anton on a regular basis, she will consider working a bit harder on perfecting her pronunciation of his last name. That could certainly prove embarrassing in social situations, should she be called upon to introduce him to others.

It seems Selena isn't the only one struggling with a difficult last name, however. Even though Miley Cyrus is able to pronounce boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger's last name just fine, she admits to not being able to spell it.

"I can't tell you, apparently there is no T in it," Miley said during a recent interview.

Do you think Zaslavski is really that difficult to pronounce? Wouldn't you like to hear Selena Gomez try to say 'Schwarzenegger?'

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