Selena Gomez Has A Friend In Jamie Chung

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Selena Gomez is the topic of a lot of rumors and now that she is allegedly back with Justin Bieber, the rumors have only gotten worse.

In spite of all the negative things being said about Gomez, her friend Jamie Chung had a few positive things to say about her.

"Well, I've worked with Selena Gomez before when she was 15 years old…She's raised from just such a great family," the 31-year-old actress said. "Her mom is amazing, she's got such a good head on her shoulders."

"She's a hard worker, she's humble, she's good to her fans and she's always been that way," Chung continued. "And now as a young woman, I miss her as well, I didn't get to see her, but seeing the work, she did such an amazing job. And she's so talented."

Chung also said that she is not happy with the tabloids and how they portray Gomez.

“That's a bunch of B.S." Chung insisted. "I mean, her personal life is her personal life…But she's a good woman and she comes from a really good family."

Chung also talked about some of her films and the training she had to complete for them. She said that the training was well worth it and that she was never scared to try a stunt or trick.

"For Sucker Punch, we did fireworks, we did weapons training, so I felt like that was really to my advantage in terms of doing freestyle lifts with the katana, the sword...or shooting a bow and arrow. I really felt like that kind of came in handy."

"There was this one bit where they like pulled me back, like a slingshot. So two guys are pulling me back like a human slingshot—they let go, and I flew like 20-30 feet and I was supposed to stab my katana towards the camera. It was a cool shot and it was fun to do," she shared before adding, "I don't think there was anything really scary, though."

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