Selena Gomez: Did Bieber Trash The Songs He Wrote About Her?

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Selena Gomez, who had a lengthy on-again, off-again relationship with pop star Justin Bieber, is reportedly worried about what his new album will consist of.

The actress and singer, according to a source at HollywoodLife, has been anxious over what Bieber might have written about her for his upcoming album.

''Selena is really worried that Justin is going to write about her in his new music. She's freaking out that he's going to diss her. They barely speak and she doubts he's going to let her listen to his music before it's released," the source said.

However, Selena probably doesn't have anything to worry about, as Bieber recently said in an interview that he scrapped an album's worth of material after realizing the songs didn't make sense to him at this point in his life.

''My whole direction has changed. What you are thinking about all the time is what you write, and now that I'm thinking about more positive things, it completely changes my music. I had to re-do my whole album. It was done but it didn't match up to where I am now and where my head's at," Bieber said.

Selena is currently dating DJ Zedd, and the couple are reportedly falling hard for one another; in recent interviews, Selena has mentioned her beau's "beautiful eyes", and he has called her voice "perfect". The duo have worked together in a professional sense and their song, "I Want You To Know", has been tearing up the charts.

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