Selena Gomez: Cops Called to Her Home for Party Noise

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Selena Gomez may be returning to her old ways. First she appears to have reconciled with Justin Bieber and now the cops have visited her home. A call was made to the police department in Hidden Hills, California at about 10:30 Tuesday night with a complaint about noise stemming from a party at the Come & Get It singer's residence. Sources say those at her home were cooperative about turning down the music and noise levels and that no further complaints were made.

Selena's recent reconciliation with the As Long As You Love Me singer reportedly has those close to her quite concerned. She and the 20-year-old weren't a great mix. She was constantly stressed over what he was doing in her absence since he proved unfaithful. She also never liked his partying and his association with several members of the rap community.

"Justin and Selena are definitely full-on back together at the moment," a source recently reported. "They spent all day riding together on a Can-Am Spyder on Sunset Blvd. … Justin drove while Selena sat on the back holding on to [him].He was incredibly sweet with her and they looked super happy and in love."

Selena Gomez spent some time in rehab following her last break up with Justin Bieber. She even cancelled part of her concert tour. She supposedly received counseling for emotional exhaustion at the facility and wasn't treated for an addiction as some reports incorrectly stated.

Hopefully Selena's recent loud party isn't indicative of Justin Bieber taking over and bringing his rowdy friends to her home. Perhaps she simply had company and the music became a bit too loud.

What's your take on Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber's reconciliation? Do you think it has the potential to spell bad news for Selena?

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