Selena Gomez: Bindi Sparks Religious Backlash


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Over the weekend actress/singer Selena Gomez performed the song "Come and Get It" live at the MTV Movie Awards. The performance included a dance routine that was quite obviously inspired by Bollywood-style dances seen in many Indian movies.

Though the performance seems to have gone over well with the audience and viewers, some Hindu organizations are now objecting to it. The main complaint seems to be that Gomez's makeup included a bindi - a mark worn on the forehead near the eyebrows.

Though a bindi is now often worn as decoration, the symbol has religious significance to Hindus. According to a report from The Hollywood Gossip, the Universal Society of Hinduism has called the performance insensitive and is looking for an apology.

Gomez has not addressed the criticism of her performance, though she has announced a new world tour that kicks off in August. The star spoke about her experiences at the MTV Movie Awards on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today: