"Seinfeld" Reunion: The Cast Is Back Together For A New Project


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After having a popular sitcom for many years that is still a beloved treasure to many people, the cast will be getting back together and having a Seinfeld reunion.

The cast members of Seinfeld have all gone their separate ways since the end of the show in 1998, but as a group of people that worked together for nine seasons, they have continued to remain close friends.

It still has not been revealed what the new project will be about, but rumors started swirling around after Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Alexander were seen outside of Tom's Restaurant, along with Larry David.

The restaurant was used on the the Seinfeld set for Monk's Cafe, which was a frequented location for Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer.

People started talking about a possible Seinfeld reunion immediately, and now the news has been officially confirmed, although a small amount of details about the project have been released. Some people thought that it could be for a Super Bowl commercial or for Seinfeld's web series.

Both of those rumors have been shut down, although fans have not learned much else yet. In a recent interview where he denied that the Seinfeld reunion would be either of those things, Jerry Seinfeld said "But, it is not not those things, either. It's a secret project. I gave you more now than I've given anyone. I told you what it isn't, and then I also told you that it isn't not that either."

He said that it was a film project, and that other Seinfeld cast members were involved, adding that Jason Alexander will be playing George. The project has been described as "one-and-done," and Jerry promises that fans will be able to see it "very, very soon."

Larry David, who was the creator and executive producer of Seinfeld, is also set to have a part in the upcoming Seinfeld reunion, although he will not be seen on camera. Since leaving Seinfeld, David has enjoyed great success with his HBO show Curb Your Enthusiasm.

As fans wait in anticipation, the Seinfeld reunion is getting closer, and the big fans are likely to be creating a ton of buzz with this news. What does everyone think the reunion will consist of?

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