'Seinfeld' Reunion Feels Like The Show Never Ended

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Ok, so it wasn't exactly a Super Bowl ad -- at least not in the typical sense. What was declared by comedian Jerry Seinfeld as a "big, huge, gigantic project" that he and co-writer Larry David put together, was in fact, a promo for his Crackle.com web series  “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.”

The 2-minute promo that aired during the Super Bowl was a snippet of a 'Seinfeld' webisode featuring  Seinfeld playing the TV version of himself, Jason Alexander as the neurotic George Costanza and Wayne Knight as Newman the postal worker. Though the show has been off the air for 16 years, the guys seamlessly stepped back into their much loved characters.

The promo features Jerry and George taking a short car ride over to their favorite New York meeting place, Tom's restaurant. As usual, it's not long before the two end up having a heated conversation. Jerry admits to George that he was disappointed about not being at the Wasserstein's Super Bowl party. Apparently, the previous year George "over-cheered" at the party and also failed to use good bathroom etiquette after relieving himself in the Wasserstein's master bathroom. Toward the end of the clip, George gives Jerry his blessing and tells him to go watch the second half of the Super Bowl without him. Just before Jerry could even get out of his seat, Newman (Jerry's archrival) enters the scene. Ahh...feels like the show never ended.

In the days leading up to the Super Bowl, Seinfeld was asked in a radio interview whether or not his Super Bowl short film was 'Seinfeld' reunion or a promo for his web series. Seinfeld said,  “It’s not. But “It’s not-not” either of those things.  In retrospect, that now seems like a reasonable answer from a comedian trying to be evasive.

 Seinfeld said in a statement, “Fox approached Larry and me about doing some kind of 'Seinfeld' reunion for the halftime broadcast because of the New York connection. So we thought throwing Jerry, George and Newman into a Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee was a fun way to do it." 

So far the mini reunion is a hit -- the fans love it.  See the full 6-minute webisode on Crackle.com.

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