Sega Talks Bringing Mickey Mouse To Life In Castle Of Illusion


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Castle of Illusion is fondly remembered not only as an excellent video game, but as one of the first games to truly capture the look and feel of Mickey Mouse. It must be daunting then for Sega Australia to live up to that pedigree with its remake. They're not going to let the game's storied history intimidate them though.

In the latest dev diary, the team at Sega Australia talk about what they're doing to bring the magic of Castle of Illusion to modern consoles. Unlike other remakes that try to reimagine older games for new audiences, the new development team says that they're doing everything they can to retain what made the original so special.

The only major change between the new and old Castle of Illusion is that Mickey will talk in the new game. Their hope is to expand upon the barebones story of the original to please old and new fans alike.

Castle of Illusion will be released later this year on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.