See Printers Destroyed In Slow Motion In This Viral Ad

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It's Friday, which means a week's worth of tensions, anger, resentment, and frustration has been building and is ready to burst. Not toward your actual job or your coworkers - the target of all of this is most likely your office equipment. You know, that damn stapler that gets jammed, or that damn copier that won't copy. But most of all, the object that draws the most ire and can bring a grown man weeping to his knees is the printer.

The loathsome printer.

First, a primal scream breaks the trance induced by the furious beats. "I HATE PRINTERS," yells Andy. What follows next is sweet catharsis - an ax bears down on our bulky villain, spilling its entrails. A beautiful note rises high above the madness, as our hero mercilessly strikes the printer in slow motion.

Next comes Sally with the sledgehammer, and the destruction continues.

"On March 29th 2012, at an undisclosed address in South London, several printers died while making this film." Check out their glorious deaths below:

The video you just watched is an part of an advertising campaign from Bytes Document Solutions. "Whatever the size of your fleet and whatever brands you use, we can take away your frustration and pain by providing you with a fully managed print service," they say. We hope that their technique of taking away pain and frustration doesn't actually involve smashing all of the office equipment.

This is only part one of a three-part series, with parts two and three coming soon. I don't know about you, but I don't think it's possible to get tired of watching people destroy office equipment with axes and hammers. So bring'em on.

Before you say anything, I know what this reminds you of. Here it is, no need to ask (NSFW):

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