Second Far Cry 3 Developer Walkthrough Released


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Far Cry 3's European and Australian release date is only days away, and Ubisoft is still pumping out trailers on all of the details included in the game.

The first developer walkthrough showed off the different dynamic systems present in Far Cry 3 and how they will interact to either help or hurt players. Today's new developer walkthrough video highlights the different tactics players can use to get the job of killing pirates done. Far Cry 3 producer Dan Hay narrates short clips from the game that show off stealth, ambush, and full-frontal attack strategies.

Of particular interest are the tattoos that players can get to upgrade their powers in certain areas. The tattoos were also mentioned in the weapons trailer released last week. In short, the heron tattoo upgrades long-range and rapid-fire weapons, the spider tattoo upgrades ambush and stealth, and the shark tattoo improves overall energy, speed, and power.

Though it's always nice to see more game footage (that pull the grenade pin trick looks nifty), all of the relevant non-spoilery details about Far Cry 3 are now known. Several in-depth early reviews of the game have given it high marks for its open-ended sandbox gameplay.