Seattle Seahawks Soar To Meet Broncos At Super Bowl


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The Seattle Seahawks would not be denied. Their rivals, the San Francisco 49ers, were dominant for the first half of a tense away game, but the visitors would not have the final word. In the end, the homefield advantage kicked in for the second time this evening.

The Seahawks seemed to be headed for the same fate that the New England Patriots suffered earlier in the evening. However, whereas the Tom Brady led Patriots were never able to find their offensive footing, Russell Wilson dug deep for a 35-yard touchdown pass on the 4th down. Their defense forced two crucial turnovers late in the game which prevented Colin Kaepernick's side from running away with the game.

The cracks began to show and before the 49ers knew what had happened, it was their side that was trailing. Steven Hauschka's last of three field goals sealed the deal. And if there was any last gasp to be had, the air was yanked out San Francisco due to a intercepted in the end zone on the visiting side's last play of the game.

Not all that glitters is truly gold, and the 49ers will miss out a trip to Super Bowl XLVIII.

The Seattle Seahawks will be making what is in fact only their second appearance in the biggest football game of the season. Their only other appearance was in 2006. They'll be hoping for better luck this time around, having lost that game to the Pittsburgh Steelers 10 to 21.

With this game over, the dust has settled at last and we have our match-up.

Some called the Denver Broncos versus the Seattle Seahawks weeks ago. Both teams cast long shadows this season over their competition. Both dominated their respective conferences. As for which team will win it all, it's hard to pick which team will have a definite advantage.

The Broncos may have a legendary quarterback in their corner, but the Seahawks have been a solid and formidable opponent.

One thing is for certain, this may be the most exciting and historic Super Bowl that anyone has experienced in a long time.

Image via Denver Broncos Twitter