Sean Lennon Says Mom, Yoko Ono, Fine After Brief Hospitalization

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Sean Lennon says Yoko Ono, 83, is just fine after a bit of a scare and a short hospital stay.

Originally rumors circulated that the artist, singer and widow of John Lennon had a stroke, but Sean Lennon was quick to put those rumors to rest.

Sean Lennon wrote on Twitter, "Hey guys it was only rumors from press: was NOT a stroke, just dehydration/tired. She is FINE. Thank you everyone for your concern @yokoono"

In a follow up tweet, Sean Lennon experimented with a little word play, saying, "Only stroke @yokoono had was a Stroke of Genius! 🙂 She's really fine. Thanks for all the well wishes! Big Love, Sean"

Last show of this tour...#thegoastt #ontour rockin it for Humanity Magazine. Photo by #jordangalland

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Soon the rumors subsided and Yoko Ono was back home suffering from nothing more than the flu, Sean Lennon reported.

He wrote, "Thanks again for everyone's concern. She's home and running about as usual. Just the flu in the end. I may go get a flu shot now..."

Yoko Ono had been really busy lately working on her new album called Yes, I'm a Witch Too with big name stars who helped fashion remixes of some of her old hits.

Collaborators included Death Cab for Cutie, Moby and Sean Lennon himself.

Perhaps the work on the album and its release last week was a little exhausting for the octogenarian icon?

Mum stopped by studio to annihilate this @themoonlandingz track. Full LP coming soon on @chimeramusic

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What do you think about Sean Lennon's sweet tweets about his mother?

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