Sean Hannity: Anjem Choudary Agrees With Death Threats Against Islamaphobe Pamela Geller

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Fox News did what it does best again - giving two well-known extremists a platform to spew their hate.

Known Islamophobe Pam Geller, Muslim extremist Anjem Choudary and host Sean Hannity were embroiled in a 10-minute free-for-all shouting match during Hannity’s recent show.

The ratings-loving host invited the two to a discussion on Geller’s art exhibit/ contest where exhibitors showcased their drawings of Mohammed, Islam’s prophet. The contest sparked a shooting and two suspects with alleged ties to ISIS were shot down.

Hannity started the discussion by asking Geller if the FBI has contacted her about the “unverified” death threats made against her by a jihadist.

The known anti-Muslim activist said the FBI hasn’t reached out to her and further claimed that President Barack Obama should be the one providing her with protection because the environment he created “raised the stakes on this.”

Hannity then asked Choudary point-blank if he supported the “death threat against Pam Geller because she ran a free speech contest,” and the cleric more or less answered in the affirmative.

“This isn’t Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck they were drawing,” Choudary answered, “this is the prophet [and] this woman wants to have people draw cartoons that insult the prophet knowing full well that carries the death penalty in Islam. So definitely, she’s asking people to attack.”

As expected, that set Hannity off and he started shouting “You want her to die!”

Choudary responded to that accusation by saying that if Geller (who’s definitely not a Muslim) was tried in a Sharia court, she would have been found guilty and given the capital punishment.

The show rapidly went downhill from there.

All viewers could see and hear for the next couple of minutes was Hannity calling the cleric “evil and pathetic,” Geller taking jabs at Choudary for “stepping on women” and the imam accusing the US of “murdering innocent people.”

The short, vitriolic segment has been condemned by different sectors.

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