Sean Connery Dreams Of Independent Scotland

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Actor Sean Connery has never been shy about his feelings when it comes to his beloved Scotland. The 83-year-old movie star believes that it is past time for Scotland to become an independent nation, to free itself at long last from the United Kingdom.

Connery is a long-time supporter of the Scottish National Party and is currently campaigning for his fellow Scots to vote "yes" to independence in September.

He has not been to Scotland in more than a decade, declaring in 2003 that he would not set foot in the country again until it was an independent nation. Since then, the "007" actor has spent his time traveling the globe, living in locations ranging from Spain to New York.

Said Connery, "I fully respect the choice facing Scotland in September is a matter for the people who choose to work and live there. That's only right."

Even though Connery does not count himself among that number, his heart remains with Scotland and he believes that Scots should realize what a tremendous opportunity independence could bring. Connery called the chance presented in the fall, "too good to miss".

"A 'yes' vote will capture the world's attention. There will be a renewed focus on our culture and politics, giving us an unparalleled opportunity to promote our heritage and creative excellence."

Despite Sean Connery's strong sentiment, the Scottish National Party and its supporters apparently face an uphill battle when it comes to the upcoming referendum.

In a recent YouGov poll, 53% of persons asked preferred to remain a part of the United Kingdom rather than seek independence. Only 35% of those who wanted to break away.

Does this mean that most Scots are content with how things are? Not necessarily. This poll didn't include all Scots nor is it indicative of the true sentiments of everyone participating in the referendum.

While it may represent a tough battle for those who support an independent Scotland, continuous discussion and debate will no doubt shed light on the issue. It should get citizens to think more carefully about where their true feelings lie: With the United Kingdom or with a free and independent Scotland.

Do you think Scotland is better off staying with the United Kingdom or seeking independence? Comment below!

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