SEALFIT Training: Too Extreme For Mainstream?


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"We look at training as being as important to our life as eating and sleeping."

Mark Divine is speaking of the mental dedication typical of US Navy Seals when it comes to their intense fitness regimen. To say they take it seriously is an understatement.

Divine is himself a retired Navy SEAL commander. He currently works as a fitness trainer.

His book 8 Weeks to SEALFIT is meant to help inspire individuals looking to achieve a higher level of fitness.

The workouts feature HIIT or high intensity interval training of various exercises including powerlifting, yoga, plyometrics, and martial arts. There are even strong man exercises.

The nature of SEALFIT may get the attention of exercise fad chasers with their perpetual ten vanity pounds. Persons who hardly ever exercise but are looking for a "quick fix" solution to weight loss may also consider giving SEALFIT a try.

This group of casual exercisers are often the target of various passing exercise phases. Money is collected. Results vary.

But SEALFIT is different in that it's based on a regimen that is proven to work. It has to work; the elite members of the Navy SEALs count on it to keep them battle-fit.

Ihe issue isn't whether or not this fitness routine works so much as it is a question of who, outside this portion of the military, is it best suited for?

Neal Pire said that "if your goal is to lower your blood pressure, fit into that little black dress or look good for a girl" then you need to question "do you really need" to use SEALFIT.

A sports conditioning expert at the American College of Sports Medicine, Pire also said that high intensity training can be extremely motivating. However, a person needs to have the right goals for that level of training.

SEALFIT can seem intimidating, but if you are ready to dedicate not only your body to this higher level of fitness, but shift your mental approach to exercise, it's something you may be able to do.

Given the intensity, it is highly recommended that beginners to exercise avoid diving right in. You may even need to consult a medical professional.

SEALFIT is not for fad and casual exercisers; take it seriously and it can reshape both your mind and your body.

Image via Wikimedia Commons