Scrotal Recall Is on Netflix, So Your Weekend Is Booked

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I haven't seen a single second of the show Scrotal Recall.

But the fact that it even exists gives me, a 14-year-old boy apparently, immense joy.

Netflix just started suggesting the show to bewildered users everywhere, prompting questions of what the bloody hell and why, exactly?

Because it's a Schwarzenegger scrotum pun. That's why. It's also not a porn, shockingly.

Ok, so what is Scrotal Recall? Here's Netflix's description:

A young single guy has to take an uncomfortable trip down memory lane in this offbeat, honest comedy series about sex, love, and life in your 20s. When he's diagnosed with an STD, Dylan is urged by his doctor to contact all the women he's had sex with. He decides to tackle the list alphabetically, and do it either in person or by phone, rather than just sending a postcard. Nope, it's not going to be easy--but it could be enlightening.

I mean, who hasn't been through this?

Scrotal Recall originally aired in 2014 in the UK on Channel 4, home to many great programs. Netflix is calling it a "Netflix Original", which is kind of misleading. But hey, Netflix is the only place you can currently stream Scrotal Recall.

Netflix just issued a stellar earnings report. I think we know why,

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