Scrabble Gets with the Times, Adds Selfie, Hashtag, and Mixtape

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It's been about a decade since the Scrabble dictionary received a major update. But when the fifth edition of the The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary comes out on Wednesday, it'll allow you to play your favorite new kewl internets words – as well as words you've been dying to play since 1988.

"The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary now includes favorite words from the past decade, making game play even more entertaining and relevant," adds Jonathan Berkowitz, Vice President of Global Brand Strategy & Marketing at Hasbro. "We're also thrilled to add GEOCACHE, winner of our Scrabble Word Showdown game earlier this year, and the first fan-voted word playable in the game."

What trendy words of the past decade are we talking here? How about chillax, a verb meaning "to calm down." How about joypad, a "device with buttons to control computer images." Oh, and there's mixtape, a "compilation of songs recorded from various sources."


Overindulgent sarcasm aside, Scrabble has added the ubiquitous selfie to the dictionary. Finally. Sure, other dictionaries have been adding the word selfie over the past few years, but you doesn't mean shit until you're a legally-playable word in Scrabble. And I say that in all sincerity. Selfie, you've made it kid.

Other words included in the new edition? Bromance, Dubstep, Frenemy, Hashtag, Sodoku, Texter, and Webzine.

I'll give $100 to the first person that can prove that they've ever said the word webzine.*

*Not really. I'm such a buzzkill (new to the dictionary as well!).

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