Scottie Pippen’s Daughter Goes To Jail For Urinating In Iowa Hotel Lobby

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Scottie Pippen’s daughter is all grown up and making a name for herself – just not in the way he probably hoped.

Sierra M. Pippen, the 20-year-old daughter of the legendary basketball player, was arrested for urinating in a hotel lobby in Iowa City.

Reports stated that a highly-inebriated pedestrian “walked in and peed at the front desk” of the Sheraton Inn on April 26 at 1:29 am.

Hotel staff were said to have recognized the younger Pippen from an incident on April 10 where she was arrested for assaulting the hotel’s security officers, and promptly called the police.

ICPD’s online records did show that a female was arrested on said date for assault. Sierra’s blood alcohol was purportedly at .141 percent at that time.

Sierra was allegedly apprehended in this latest incident in a walkway next to the hotel.

According to the responding police, she appeared inebriated. She smelled of alcohol, was slurring and couldn’t maintain her balance. She was also said to be wearing two wristbands from a bar, even though she was underage.

The University of Iowa student also reportedly refused to participate in a field sobriety test when asked and accused the arresting officer of being racist. She was charged with public intoxication and public urination and taken to the Johnson County Jail.

She has pleaded not guilty and was later released on a $500 bond. Pippen is set to appear in court on May 28.

When asked to confirm the incident, Jason Williams, the general manager at the Sheraton Inn Iowa City, said that he “can confirm the authorities were contacted over the weekend due to an individual relieving herself in front of the hotel. The person was not a guest."

Scottie Pippen has not released any statement about his daughter’s latest run-in with the law.

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