Scott Weiland: Bandmates Release Touching Video, Track

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Scott Weiland got a moving tribute recently from the remaining members of Stone Temple Pilots when they posted a video of the group putting together a song called "Atlanta", and they say it highlights Scott's true talent.

Weiland, Robert and Dean DeLeo, and Eric Kretz put the song together for the album No. 4, but the video shows the band letting Weiland take over with just an acoustic guitar, and the result is a portrait of the singer's genius.

“It really is remarkable, what he came up with,” Dean DeLeo says.

"Having the opportunity to listen to these tracks individually reveal the beauty of Scott’s lyrical and melodic gift. This is one of the many musical moments we shared together. It is in this way we would like to remember Scott," the band wrote in a statement.

Weiland died earlier this month while on tour with his band The Wildabouts, passing away in his sleep from complications relating to a combination of drugs. The musician had battled drug and alcohol abuse for years, and while his friends and family were aware of his issues, it didn't make his passing any easier to bear; he left behind a wife and two children.

In his 2011 memoir, Not Dead And Not For Sale, Scott wrote about finding happiness.

“This memoir took me unknowingly to new highs and new uncharted lows. The human heart filled with sorrows and gold inspired me to dig further through this marathon or labyrinth in order to get the answers, find truth, and forgive injustices endured in order to move forward happy mostly, sad lovingly, and purged of the nightmares of the past. It’s been a grand endeavor. But worth it," Scott Weiland wrote.

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