Scott Disick Visited at Rehab by Kris Jenner, Disick Children

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Scott Disick received visitors at the rehab facility where he is getting help for his drinking problem. Kris Jenner brought Reign, Penelope, and Mason Disick to visit their father at Cliffside Malibu on Sunday.

"He is doing better. He has cut out a lot of the bad influences in his life, and is trying to focus on getting back to normal," a source close to the Keeping Up With the Kardashians family tells People magazine. "He's still got the demons; they haven't gone away. But now he recognizes that he has those demons, which is a big step for Scott. He hasn't acknowledged his struggles before, not in a meaningful way. He's always just wanted to hold on and hope that he'll do okay. Now he's digging deeper."

"He's in a different place," the source adds. "The question is whether this is a permanent change or something temporary. Only Scott can answer that."

Scott Disick checked into the rehab facility just over two weeks ago. He has long struggled with alcohol abuse. This is his fourth stint in rehab.

Do you suppose it bothered Scott Disick that Kourtney Kardashian didn't bring his children to visit him, but had her mom bring them instead? Kourtney has long supported Scott, but wiped her hands of him this summer after seeing photos of him cheating on her in Monaco.

"Scott needs to feel a responsibility for himself and his kids," the source explains. "He is getting there. It needs to not be about making Kourtney happy, which is what he has always focused on. He knows he needs to focus on doing what's right because it's right. He needs to realize that everything about his kids is his responsibility."

Hopefully seeing his children when Kris Jenner brought them to visit this weekend, drove that message home--loud and clear--for Scott Disick.

Do you think if Scott Disick gets and stays sober that Kourtney Kardashian will consider taking him back? Or is Kourtney done with Scott Disick for good?

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