Scott Disick To Stop Drinking Until New Baby Arrives


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Scott Disick has had a lot of problems with alcohol and his addiction has almost cost him his family. Just a few weeks ago there were numerous rumors going around that said Scott and Kourtney were on the verge of a breakup.

The couple had recently purchased a new home together, but Kourtney was not living in it with Scott. Instead, Scott was living in the home alone with only the basic necessities.

A short time later, Scott was hospitalized for alcohol poisoning after a night out partying. This only made things worse between him and Kourtney.

Kourtney told Scott that if he didn’t stop drinking and partying so often she would not be moving into the home. Scott had some time to think about his options and decided that his wild lifestyle was not worth losing his family.

He promised to work on his problems and Kourtney agreed to work on the relationship.

Scott promised Kourtney that he would stop drinking and partying until their child is born. Kourtney is currently pregnant with the couple’s third baby. The stress Scott has caused Kourtney hasn’t made her pregnancy an easy one, and Scott is hoping his drinking will be one less thing that Kourtney has to worry about while carrying their child.

A source close to Scott and Kourtney talked about his decision to stop drinking.

“He stopped drinking cold turkey—and promised he won’t drink again until after Kourtney gives birth,” the source revealed. “Scott knew he had hit rock bottom. Kourtney told him that was the last straw.”

Hopefully Kourtney and Scott can get their relationship back on track before she gives birth to their third child. If Scott can make it through the rest of Kourtney’s pregnancy without drinking, he may even decide that he wants to give it up for good.

What do you think about Scott and Kourtney’s relationship?

Image via News Inc.