Scott Disick Spends One Week in Rehab, Says He'll Go Back

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Scott Disick spent one week at a rehab facility in Costa Rica, but that's apparently all the time the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star had planned to spend there. He says claims that he left rehab early simply aren't true. It seems he plans to go back, too--or at least he says he does.

"The funny thing is, a lot of people were under the impression that I was going to this rehab facility in Costa Rica for a month, when the truth was, I was going for a week for one treatment that they have there," he said. "I'm not done. I plan to go back to this place."

It was mid-March when Scott Disick checked himself into the Rhythmia Life Advancement Center. He made headlines shortly thereafter when word of his plans to leave after a week hit the media.

"It's an amazing place," he said during an interview with People magazine. "It's beautiful and I love it, but I wasn't able to spend three or four weeks there right now. I never planned on it, and everyone keeps telling me that I dropped out early.

"I wanted to actually Instagram or tweet a photo of my tickets that showed that I never intended to stay any longer than I stayed … I'm a work in progress and anything that I can do to better myself, I'm trying," he added.

Scott Disick said the rehab facility was "very therapeutic" and that he chose this particular facility for their utilization of an African root called Ibogaine.

"It kind of resets the receptors in your brain and kind of helps you kind of remember and look at your childhood and gain knowledge on what's gone wrong that makes you want to either drink or do drugs or whatever it may be that compensates for what you're not getting," he explained.

Lord Disick, as he is called by Keeping Up With the Kardashian fans, says he's been helped by the therapy.

"It helped me dramatically to see some of the things that have troubled me in the past, but I'm not done," he said. "I plan to go back and I hope it helps me even more to get to a point where I'm fully cured of some of things that I struggle with."

It will be interesting to see what Kourtney Kardashian, the mother of Scott Disick's three children--Reign, Penelope, and Mason Disick--thinks of his road toward recovery. She is typically the one who bears the brunt of Scott's bad behavior.

Scott Disick put his therapy to good use shortly after returning home. On Friday night he hosted a party at Las Vegas's 1 OAK Nightclub. Even though the booze flowed freely, Disick reportedly drank only Red Bull and Fiji Water.

"It does work and I've been [to Rhythmia] twice," he said. "I'll go back when I want to and get some more treatments. And, listen, I really love it and I think it helped me. Obviously I'm not a perfect human being yet, but maybe down the road I'll be pretty close to it."

What's your take on Scott Disick attending rehab a week at a time as needed? Does this sound just a little too simple a solution for someone with the caliber of issues he has experienced?

Surely time will tell whether or not this method of therapy is deemed successful by both Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian. Hopefully it works, so their family can enjoy some normalcy--something they don't even come close to enjoying when Scott falls off the wagon.

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