Scott Disick: Picking Up Women While Kourtney Kardashian Was Home With the Kids?

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Scott Disick might be even closer to getting booted out of Kourtney Kardashians's life and home than fans previously thought. A new report now says Lord Disick was picking up women at one of the UK nightclubs he frequented before the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star ordered him home to the U.S.

Sources told Hollywood Life that Scott Disick and his entourage arrived at Hashtag Cheshire and were soon inviting women back to his suite at the Malmaison Hotel.

It gets worse than that, too. It wasn't actually Scott Disick who was doing the inviting. He actually had another woman scouting for women to bring back to his hotel.

“[She] was very friendly and somewhat apologetic for Scott’s demeanor on the evening [being on his phone],” a source said. “She said that Scott was ‘scouting’ for other women to take back to the hotel to party on the night we saw him in Chester.”

“She said that Scott had been inviting women back to his hotel suite. She told us that the night before some of the guys had girls staying with them, with one of the women walking around the hotel in what she said was one of Scott’s robes,” the source added. “All four of us were shocked, and we asked her if she knew whether he was still with Kourtney, to which she claimed that he had been telling the women with his group that he and Kourtney were no longer together.”

Is it any wonder that Kourtney Kardashian ordered Scott Disick to cancel the remainder of his UK tour and return home immediately? She should have told him to stay there and never return home instead.

It's likely that those who follow Scott Disick regularly aren't surprised at all to learn about his behavior in this UK club. Those who exist in polite society, however, are no doubt appalled at his boorish behavior, and wonder why on earth Kourtney Kardashian doesn't simply kick the loser to the curb.

Alas Kourtney holds out hope that she and Scott will one day be truly happy, and that he will stick around to help raise their children--Reign, Penelope, and Mason Disick. He's hardly been there since the kids were born, however, and isn't likely to initiate such behavior now.

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