Scott Disick Is Filthy Rich, and Wants You to See It

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Scott Disick of Keeping Up With the Kardashians is a fascinating specimen. He is filthy rich, and he loves to show of his wealth. He has secured for himself the actual, legitimate title of Lord and uses it with wild abandon. He tosses out the word “peasants” with such unembarrassed glee that Marie Antoinette would blush.

But people love Scott Disick. They want to party with him. Perhaps it is because Disick seems to secretly know how ridiculous this all is, even as he burns money while television viewers with subsistence pay jobs watch on.

Scott Disick is the kind of guy who acts like he is so overwhelmed by the stresses of his gilded existence that he has to drink himself to near death before he stops. Granted, Disick did lose both parents within a few months of each other. There is nothing light to make of that. But he has plowed right ahead with his unabashed flashing of his opulence.

One of his more disbelief-inducing moves lately has been to sign up for Snupps. You may not know what Snupps is, but that is probably because you don’t have enough wealth to flash around.

Snupps seems to be a way to catalog your possessions in case of natural disaster or loss, making it easier for insurance to replace things. Such tools have been around for as long as there have been databases.

But Snupps is different. Snupps lets you make your list of belongings public so everyone can see what you have.

“Catalog your artwork, antiques, handbags, shoes, watches, wine, or whatever it is you’re into,” the website pitches. “Explore others’ collections and socialize with people with similar interests.”

The site is social, but rather than getting “Likes” for what you post, you get “Wows”.

Scott Disick’s Snupps account is under the name Lord Disick. A few of the items he has “catalogued” for display include:

* A monogrammed eyepatch. Even though he does not need one, he wears it to be ostentatious.

* A royal robe.

* A Lamborghini.

* Several outrageously expensive watches, including an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore, an $86,000 watch. He also displays a Patek Philippe Nautilus 5980R, which costs about $64,000.

* One of the best pieces is his “Lord Disick” ring, made in the style of a royal signet ring.

Other highlights include slippers, flags, a boat, cigars, and a seemingly inexpensive lifejacket.

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