Scott Disick Could Still Make Millions From KUWTK, Even Split from Kourtney

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Scott Disick is in the middle of a bit of an upheaval in his life. The self-proclaimed Lord Disick has had public battles with drinking, and he was very visibly laid low by the deaths of his parents not long ago.

But Disick always seemed to bounce back into everyone's good favor with characteristic good humor and snark. This time, his girlfriend and mother of his children seems to think he has gone too far.

When Scott Disick was photographed with his old flame Chloe Bartoli cozying up in Monte Carlo, Kourtney Kardashian put him to the curb.

TMZ sources say Scott Disick keeps in touch with his kids regularly, which Kourtney encourages, but has not has not physically seen them in more than a month.

People reported that sources close to the family tell them that the whole Kardashian family is angry with Scott for missing Penelope Disick's birthday. But, they report, "Kanye is furious, maybe the most furious of everyone. He's saying that a real man doesn't abandon his family like Scott is doing."

While Kourtney's family is rallying around her, and they say she is doing great, TMZ also reports that she has removed Scott's name from the list of those allowed admittance to the gated community in which they lived.

Is there any chance that Kourtney and Scott might get back together? And what might this mean for Keeping Up with the Kardashians? Husbands and boyfriends have come and gone from the show. But Scott Disick was a fixture, appearing in the main show and spinoffs.

Show creator and executive producer Ryan Seacrest spoke to the Today show about the future of Scott Disick with KUWTK.

"The show is reality, so whatever happens, happens in real time," Seacrest said. "But obviously you hate to see a split with the people that you know and the family that you know and love, so hopefully things can work out for the best for them. But never a dull moment in that world."

Scott Disick was wealthy before he hooked up with a Kardashian. But TMZ sources report that he could still make money from KUWTK, as long as he consents to be filmed when they want to. This could happen even if he is not part of the core family unit, thanks to Disick's contract with the show. Scott Disick reportedly makes about $4 million a year from the KUWTK franchise.

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