Scott Disick Boards Plane, Out of Rehab Already?

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Scott Disick was spotted in a photo earlier this week, boarding a private plane. Has he left rehab already?

Surprisingly, no. E! News reports Scott Disick is still at the rehab facility he voluntarily entered several weeks ago.

It seems the photo Disick posted to social media serves as inspiration to him.

"Private aviation is my motivation," he captioned the photo.

A source tells E! that Scott Disick has cell phone privileges at the rehab facility. He posted the photo taken during a previous flight. The source also explained that his time in rehab has helped Scott carefully consider the people who have long surrounded him.

"Scott has made an effort to cut bad influences out of his life. He knows a lot of people were using him. At the time, he didn't really care because he was caught up in all the partying, but he's finally realized the party has to stop," the source explains. "He's focusing on a tighter, more loyal circle of friends--the people who were there for him before all the money and fame."

Another source provided an update on Scott Disick just days before his social media post caused many to fear he had abandoned rehab.

"Scott's doing really well. He sounds happy, clean and clearheaded," the source said. "I think he took it really seriously this time. He took a real break from work and partying to focus on himself. He hasn't sounded this good in ages. He says he's feeling great."

Scott Disick is reportedly motivated by his three children--Reign, Penelope, and Mason Disick. Kourtney Kardashian issued an ultimatum, saying if he didn't get clean and sober--and stay that way--that she would restrict his time with the children.

Both Kris Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian have brought the kids to the rehab facility to visit with their father.

Kudos to Kourtney Kardashian for sticking to her guns, and to Scott Disick for staying in rehab.

Do you foresee Scott returning to Keeping Up With the Kardashians, or is their split a definite out for the former reality show star?

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