Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian Are Having Another Girl

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Scott Disick — that’s Lord Disck to you — has had a rough year. I know that may sound laughable to folks who are gearing up for yet another work week. Disick is the sole heir to his parents wealth, and now is part of the Kardashian extended clan's show that nets them millions of dollars per episode.

But Scott Disick has lost both his parents in the past year. He was very close to them and took their deaths very hard. He lives his life surrounded by cameras. And we know that he has a drinking problem from trying to deal with all the stress that he has.

Disick and girlfriend Kourtney Kardashian have two children together already, son Mason Dash Disick, and daughter Penelope Scotland Disick. As part of their very public life, we saw Scott’s reaction when Kourtney told him that there was another baby on the way.

The couple is part of a spinoff off-season supplement to the Keeping Up With the Kardashians series, called Kourtney and Khloé Take The Hamptons. It features Kourtney and Khloé Kardashian as they open a D-A-S-H retail clothing location in The Hamptons on Long Island.

Disick’s filmed reaction to the baby announcement will be broadcast as part of that show’s season, which starts in November, 2014.

Now sources reveal that Kourtney and Scott are specifically having a baby girl. The …Take The Hamptons series starts in Novenmber, but the new baby is due in December. Kourtney and Khloé Kardashian also have another series, called DASH Dolls, that is slated for alte 2014 or early 2015. All that makes for a non-stop celebrity news cycle for the Kardashians and the cash cow that is their life.

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