Scott Baio Makes Guest Appearance on "Sam and Cat"


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Scott Baio, the former "Happy Days" star, made a guest appearance on Nickelodeon's "Sam and Kat". The stars of the popular tween show, Ariana Grande and Jennette McCurdy, say they had a blast working with Baio, and called it an honor to have him appear on their show.

"It's just so much fun to spend so much time with him because he spent his childhood, or his teen-hood I guess, working on one of the biggest television shows in history of anything," Grande said. "It's just such an honor to work and hear his wisdom of what he's been through and doing all the same things as me and Jennette. It's awesome, amazing having him here."

Grande, and her co-star, were set on learning as much as possible from Baio while they had the chance, asking him about his time working as a teen actor.

“We said to him, ‘What was it like for you growing up doing a sitcom?’ And he was like, ‘It’s all I knew, I didn’t know anything else. I never went to prom, to homecoming, and fraternities. I didn’t have that, so it was all I knew really, it was fine. It was life, it was fun, it was awesome,’” she said. “So, it’s just interesting to see him talk about it and work with him and he’s amazing."

Baio is not the only television veteran they have had the pleasure of working with. Others who have guest starred were Penny Marshall, and Cindy Williams from "Laverne and Shirley" , and Kel Mitchell from Nickelodeon's 90s hit show, "Keenen and Kel".

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