School Shooting Leaves 17-Year-Old Dead

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A school shooting ended in the death of 17-year-old Kris Hunter Friday night in Fulton county, Georgia.

The teen was attending an alternative school and friends say they were enjoying a reunion of sorts, as well as the homecoming football game of Langston Hughes high school.

After the game, Hunter was gunned down in the parking lot.

Though there has been reported speculation of Hunter's involvement in a gang, and his killing being an act of revenge, his friends say it's not so.

However, other kids say that the killers have been bragging about the shooting on social media.

“You can't even come to a football game and just watch it any more. You have to worry about somebody getting shot,” Khyra Perry said.

She added, “I’ve been really lost for words trying to keep myself together all day.”

Police were called to a shooting in the school's parking lot at around 10 p.m. They found Hunter still alive, but barely.

He died at Grady Memorial Hospital at 12:30 am.

Friends say that, despite the negative attention on social media, Kris Hunter will be remembered as a great kid.

“Kris was a great person, a loving person. He never hurt anybody,” Perry said.

“Everybody is going to remember about him his smile. He had the perfect smile."

So far, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and police are working together, but there has not been a suspect or a vehicle description released.

This shooting came just on the heels of another shooting on Tuesday that caused injury to 16-year-old Bernard Miller at Albemarle High School in North Carolina.

Students returned on Wednesday with extra security lining the halls.

"It was different. It wasn't loud like it normally is. It was like a sad feeling, depressing almost," student Tierra Williams said.

Hopefully the kids and families affected by these violent acts will find peace soon.

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