School Bus Overturns Near Kansas City


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This afternoon around 1:00 pm, a school bus overturned near Kansas City, Missouri. On board was a group of sixth grade girls from Pembroke Hill School, a private school in Kansas City.

When the bus made a sharp turn too fast around a highway ramp, the bus overturned and left many of the middle school girls with non-life threatening injuries. The bus driver was also injured. It is not yet clear as to what caused the bus driver to loose control.

Many of those who were injured had minor cuts and scrapes, bruising or broken bones. However, a couple of the students did have concussions and one had a spinal injury. They were all sent to Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Mo.

On duty in the emergency room at the children’s hospital this afternoon was doctor Denise Dowd, who earlier today said, “Good news so far. We received four patients, all with minor bumps and bruises, and it looks like they’re doing OK at this point. Nothing major.”

The girls were on their way to a campout in Northeast Kansas. The trip was set up through the school and was for the incoming sixth graders to enjoy a bonding experience before the school year began. Following behind was another bus, containing the boys attending the campout. This bus was not involved in the crash.

Those students who were not injured were transported to Bonner Springs High School where they anxiously awaited to be picked up by their parents.

Two hours after the crash, two large trucks were able to push the bus back up onto its correct side.