Scarlett Johansson Talks "Don Jon", Relationships

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Scarlett Johansson opened up recently about the perils of love and compared it to her recent onscreen relationship with Joseph Gordon-Levitt in their upcoming film, "Don Jon", in which she plays a Jersey girl dating a guy addicted to porn.

"We all are guilty of holding our partner or our imaginary partner up to these standards that are sort of impossible to fulfill," she said. "It would be much easier if the people we fell in love with behaved the we wanted them to. I've learned over time that what makes life interesting, relationships interesting, are the complexities of relationships and people and the fact that we can become more evolved ourselves if we are forced to compromise and accept the differences amongst one another."

Johansson is currently engaged to French journalist Romain Dauriac, but in the movie she plays a young woman who is a pure romantic at heart, something that clashes--in a good way--with her new boyfriend's ideals.

"I wanted to talk about how we treat each other sometimes more like things than people and how different kinds of media can contribute to that," said Gordon-Levitt, who also wrote and directed the movie. "And how it can contribute to "setting yourself up for disappointment. I thought telling the story of a young man who is addicted to pornography going out with a woman who watches too many romantic Hollywood movies would be a funny way of asking some of these questions."

"Don Jon" opens on September 27.

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