Sarah Silverman To Kanye West: "You Can't Be For Real"

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Sarah Silverman has publically called out Kanye West on his weird Twitter post declaring Bill Cosby innocent of rape charges.

Joining a chorus of fans wondering if Kanye has finally lost it, Sarah Silverman wrote, "Kanye!! You can't be for real. FIFTY WOMEN. With nothing to gain thanks to a statute of limitations ON RAPE. Oy."

Oy, indeed.

Sarah Silverman was just as shocked as Kanye's slew of Twitter followers, who were all likely used to seeing oddball tweets from Kanye on a regular basis.

I mean, the man is free to tweet what he wants. This is the land of the free, after all. But, Sarah Silverman has a great point here.

I know, I don't know what I was thinking. It's so much better over a hoodie

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Speaking of weird posts:

Kanye was referencing the trial that was dismissed on Tuesday. The trial put Bill Cosby's lawyer, Martin Singer, against Janice Dickinson, one of the many women who have accused Cosby of rape or sexual assault.

Martin Singer publicly denied Dickinson's allegations that the comedian had drugged and raped her in 1982.

Sarah Silverman is just one of the women who have bashed Kanye since his weird post.

Do you agree with Kanye West or Sarah Silverman?

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