Sarah Palin Believes in "God of Second Chances," Excited About Bristol Palin's Pregnancy

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Sarah Palin spoke out for the first time about daughter Bristol Palin's second pregnancy as an unmarried mom during an interview with CBS on Sunday. When asked if she ever imagined Bristol would be "unmarried and pregnant" for a second time, Sarah Palin was blunt.

"Heck, no," she said.

Sarah Palin continued, saying, "Because being a single mom is, oh my goodness, my heart goes out to the single parents. But my enormous admiration for what it is that they're able to accomplish doing double-duty. And I watch Bristol do double-duty all the time, you know, with her little boy, Tripp."

Regarding Bristol's cancelled wedding to Dakota Meyer, Sarah Palin said that was a disappointment. Bristol Palin called off the wedding less than a week before she was set to say, I do."

Sarah Palin claims she sees the good in a situation most don't consider good--that of an unwed pregnant mom.

"I can't wait for about 45 more days, and I'm gonna have a little baby granddaughter--and I'm happy about it," she said.

CBS's Tracey Smith told Sarah Palin that not everyone would see the blessing in this situation. Many think this goes against the grain of everything they know about Sarah Palin.

"Of course, there are those who say, 'Come on, this goes against everything you stand for,'" she said.

"Well, the cool thing about puttin' your faith in God is, He certainly is a God of second chances--and third, and fourth and fifth chances," Sarah Palin replied.

"I screw up all the time," she added.

32 weeks with my babe girl ?

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Bristol Palin's baby girl will be born to an unwed mom, but it certainly sounds like she is wanted and will be loved.

Do you think Sarah Palin truly feels this way, or is she simply playing her best hand with the cards she's been dealt?

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