Sarah Palin Backs Booker's Election Opponent

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Sarah Palin made an appearance over the weekend at a New Jersey rally for Steven Lonegan, who will be facing Cory Booker in this week's election, and talked about the government shutdown, saying she would protest the decision to close down the memorials for veterans.

"Michelle Obama’s really groovy ‘Let’s Move’ video is still up and running because you can’t be chubby,” Palin said. "And our government thinks they can shut down our memorials that honor our vets? For shame. We're here to show that the size of America's heart for our veterans is immeasurable. But look around. Barricades to shut down our memorials? Is this how a commander in chief expresses his gratitude? This 'shutdown' priority proves a shameful lack of respect."

Although Booker leads the race in double digits, both Palin and Lonegan seemed confident of a win on Wednesday. Lonegan has seen some controversy in recent weeks, having just fired adviser Rick Shaftan after he publicly trashed Booker and brought his sexuality into question. The incident has seemingly been swept under the rug, however, and Palin says Lonegan will take a stand against the health-care law along with Ted Cruz.

“Something big is happening here," Palin said. “The country knows it, the media knows it.”

Booker was forced to put campaigning on hiatus briefly over the weekend after his father died, but resumed on Saturday.

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