Sarah McLachlan Admits That Even She Cannot Watch Her 'Brutal' ASPCA Ads

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Sarah McLachlan says even she can’t stand to watch her own "brutal" ASPCA commercials.

“I have to say it was brutal doing those ads because it was like, ‘Can you just be a little more sad?’ and I was like, ‘This is just killing me … save the puppies,'" the 47-year-old I Will Remember You singer told Makers. "I can’t watch them — it kills me.”

The commercials, which were released in 2006, entice viewers to donate money to save abused animals while her McLachlan’s hit song, Angel, plays in the background, are nearly impossible to watch, and McLachlan concedes that she has trouble doing so as well.

On the other hand, the ads proved to be lucrative for the organization. Page Six notes that the combination of the heart-rending song and the visuals of the big-eyed, somber puppies earned the ASPCA a kennel-load of funds.

“I said those words, the song went with the pictures, and it raised 30 million bucks,” McLachlan said. “It really hit home in a profound way, and there were articles written about how we’d change the face of fundraising.”

The ads have left an indelible mark on society and have been spoofed on Funny or Die and Saturday Night Live.

McLachlan said the ads also made her more recognizable.

“I got a whole new audience out of it. I’d be at Target and in, like, Missouri at 10 o’clock at night, getting off the tour bus, and I’d be going down the aisle and these two old ladies go, ‘Are you that dog lady?’” Sarah McLachlan said.

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Pam Wright