Sarah Jessica Parker May Reconnect With Ex Robert Downey Jr.

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Sex And The City star Sarah Jessica Parker might meet up with her old flame Robert Downey Jr. soon, and it’s all okay with husband Matthew Broderick. Apparently, Parker is being sought out by Downey for a reunion, but only if Broderick allows it.

Downey spoke about Parker, with whom he had a seven-year relationship from their teens to their mid-20s, during an interview with Howard Stern on his SiruisXm radio Show on October 7. “I’ll make a point of trying to see her while I’m here. I'd like to,” said Downey. “I’ll ask [Broderick’s] permission. I just want to check in for a few minutes. I love Matthew Broderick.”

“'I'd love to have [Matthew] there. I'll bring Susan,” Downey added, referring to his wife Susan Downey, with whom he is expecting their second child together.

On the same day of Downey’s interview with Stern, Parker was seen out in New York City taking her twin daughters to school. Parker was reportedly wearing a knitted gray turtleneck paired with black sweatpants while comfortably walking in green sneakers.

Meanwhile, Broderick has already given his blessing to the reunion between Downey and Parker. He told Us Weekly at the opening of his new play It’s Only A Play on Broadway last October 9 that he would be okay with Downey contacting Parker.

“Of course, he’s more than [okay to connect her]—they’re great friends! What would I say? No? Who do you think I am? No, I love Robert Downey and Sarah Jessica Parker so [yes!]” Broderick said.

Parker weighed in on the possible reunion with Downey as well. “He and I have always been on wonderful terms so… of course I’m hospitable to that!” she said.

If the reunion between Parker and Downey happens this year, it will have been 23 years since they called it quits from each other in 1991.

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