Sara Bareilles Plays Matchmaker in New Video

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34-year old singer-songwriter Sara Bareilles has gone from musician to matchmaker in her new video "I Choose You," in which she helps two couples get engaged.

On March 11, Bareilles announced a contest online that asked her fans to share their best "#IChooseYou" story.

"I Choose You" is the second single from Bareilles' album The Blessed Unrest, first released in July 2013 through Epic Records. In 2014, it was nominated for Album of the Year at the Grammy Awards.

"I'm looking for someone planning a proposal to a Sara Bareilles (me!) fan," she wrote. "If you or someone you know is planning a fantastic proposal, I want to help! … The more elaborate and creative the better."

After going through hundreds of submissions, Bareilles and her team picked two couples, Matt and Chelsea from Los Angeles and Aly and Andrea from Denver.

Simply done, the video features Bareilles singing while playing her guitar in front of a grey screen and the heartwarming proposals of the two chosen couples.

Matt designs elaborate dioramas of he and Chelsea's time together all from Post-It notes before surprising her with a performance from Bareilles herself.

Aly creates hand-painted signs (in Love Actually fashion) for her friends and family to hold when she proposes to Andrea and Bareilles sings.

After each drop to their knee, the beautiful proposals happen, which is the highlight of the video, of course. Chelsea is pushed to tears of joy. Andrea, surprised, can be seen mouthing, "What the f---?" before crying and running around the circle of friends and family.

Even if you're not "one of those people" who cry at marriage proposals, these two may bring a tear to your eye.

The video, released on Monday, already has over a million views and has gone viral.

Twitter followers couldn't say enough about it, either.

Vin wrote "Nothing like a nice quiet sob at your desk during lunch. Thanks @SaraBareilles! #IChooseYou." Marie wrote "If you can watch @SaraBareilles' #IChooseYou video without grinning like an idiot, then you are a cold hearted monster."

Oh, and both women being proposed to said YES.

Watch the love-inspired video below.

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