Sandra Fluke Is Taking Steps Toward Running For Congress In California


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The steps are being taken for Sandra Fluke to run for Congress in the state of California. She is seeking the endorsement from the California state Democratic Party in order to run for the seat that will be vacated by Harry Waxman.

Although she has yet to officially declare her bid for the congressional race, Sandra Fluke continues to take steps toward running, and in a recent interview, she said "I’m flattered that I’m being discussed as a potential candidate. A number of folks I respect very deeply have reached out today and encouraged me to run. I am strongly considering running."

Fluke is an activist that has fought hard for women's rights, and was first brought to the attention of the public when Rush Limbaugh spoke ill of her testimony before Congress on the issue of contraception and insurance coverage in 2012.

Limbaugh referred to Fluke as a slut and a prostitute on his show, and she was a student at Georgetown at the time. As a result of the things that he said about her, she became a voice for the left, and continued to speak out about women's rights.

She was a featured speaker at the Democratic National Convention in 2012, and spoke to the country about the issues that women continue to face.

Before speaking to the House Democratic Policy and Steering Committee, Sandra Fluke was also denied a chance to testify during a Republican-led House hearing on Obamacare's contraception coverage in 2012.

She is running for a seat that has been occupied by Henry Waxman since 1975, and she is one of three candidates that have filed in the 33rd congressional district.

Fluke is among two women that will be running with other two candidates being state Sen. Ted Lieu and Wendy Greuel, a finalist in last year's Los Angeles mayoral race. The field is expected to grow even larger with people wanting to grab the seat the Waxman has had for several decades.

Sandra Fluke is a bit different than her opponents in that she is not known as well locally, although she has more of a widespread popularity throughout the country.

Fluke has previously said that she feels more young women need to be in office. As a recent graduate of Georgetown, she thinks that she could help in being a voice for young women, and may end up running for congress in the upcoming election.

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