Sandra Bullock's Gravity Take: At Least $70 Million

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Sandra Bullock is poised to make some major bank from her film Gravity.

The stars seem to have aligned for the savvy actress when she negotiated a pretty sweet deal that could very well lead to earnings of an estimated $70 million, according the The Hollywood Reporter.

Bullock's deal includes $20 million up front plus 15 percent of the film's first dollar gross – which amounts to 15 percent of studio Warner Bros's share of the box office, as well as revenue from TV and DVD sales.

"The theatrical window is going to generate a third of the total revenue a movie will earn; it will get another third on DVD; and then the final third comes from pay and free TV," says a source .

Bullock's deal — an anomaly in Hollywood — is so lucrative because she signed on to the film at the last minute after Angelina Jolie pulled out of the project. Director Alfonso Cuarón knew he needed a strong box-office female actress to replace Jolie and Bullock's impressive 2009 performance in The Blind Side sold the studio on the actress — and the deal.

Gravity has earned more than $700 million worldwide and is likely to grow to $750 million. Assuming Warners gets 45 percent of that, Bullock's take would be more than $50 million, including her initial $20 million.

Robert Downey Jr had a similar deal for the Iron Man films and is said to have earned at least $50 million for 2012's The Avengers, the third-highest-grossing film of all time with $1.5 billion.

And to think she almost said no to Gravity.

The Twitterverse has had some interesting things to say about Bullock's windfall.

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