Sandra Bullock Drops F-Bomb During Critics Choice Awards Speech


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Luckily the network was able to catch her quick enough to bleep out the incident, but Sandra Bullock used a word that was inappropriate for network television.

It was clear to see that Sandra Bullock said "What the f**k?" while being bleeped by the CW network. Did she forget they were live, or did the actress simply get too excited?

The 19th Annual Critics Choice Movie Awards aired last night, and Sandra Bullock was a winner early on in the show.

She won the award for the film Gravity, but what was truly ironic about the award, and she made sure everyone realized it, was that she won for best actress in an action movie.

Gravity was clearly not an action movie, and just as Leonardo DiCaprio did when he won at the Golden Globes, Sandra Bullock pointed out the irony of how she was nominated against other actresses such as Jennifer Lawrence who starred in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

Bullock proceeded to thank a handful of action stars including Jackie Chan, Sylvester Stallone, and Jean Claude Van Damme for teaching her all that she knows. She also continued joking about the odd action category when saying ""It's not easy doing what we do, people," while comparing herself to the other action stars.

However, before she could continue her comedic acceptance speech, she was cut off from a message that ran over the PA system that said "Choice Movie Awards." Nobody knew what to think, and Sandra Bullock was shocked, and immediately blurted out "What the f**k?"

After being censored by the network, she continued by saying "I'm an action hero. You do not do that to an action hero."

The Critics Choice Movie Awards were held at the Barker Hanger in Santa Monica, California. In addition to Sandra Bullock's early win, the major awards went similarly to the way that the Golden Globes went last Sunday.

Big news also came yesterday when the nominations for the Academy Awards were announced, with American Hustle and Gravity leading the way with ten nominations each.

12 Years A Slave took home the award for best picture, while Matthew McConauhey got best actor for Dallas Buyers Club, Cate Blanchett got best actress for Blue Jasmine, and once again, Alfonso Cuaron won best director for Gravity.

Gravity has a bit of momentum heading into the Academy Awards, with Sandra Bullock's win, along with two consecutive wins for Alfonso Cuaron. The Critics Choice Awards are clearly not as big of a deal as the Oscars, and she is unlikely to commit such an act as what she did last night during the Academy Award ceremony, if she is to win again.

Image via Wikimedia Commons