Sandra Bullock Dominates Box Office For Third Week

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Sandra Bullock and George Clooney have a hit on their hands during a time when box offices don't normally see huge, blockbuster numbers, and it's all thanks to a film that was originally titled "Gravity: A Space Adventure In 3D".

The film has just had its third weekend in a row at number one, holding strong against the "Carrie" remake and the Tom Hanks vessel "Captain Phillips".

"Audiences still only have eyes for Gravity," Kim Hollis of BoxOfficeProphets says.

Some of the film's enormous success may have something to do with the way the studio marketed it after dropping half the original title. Since Bullock and Clooney are the only actors in the film, and they are well-known for their pull at the box office for romantic films, that was played up even though "Gravity" doesn't have an ounce of smoldering sexual chemistry or an outlet for Bullock's awkward-but-cute funnygirl routine.

The special effects have also played heavily into the marketing to draw out younger crowds who might be into the sci-fi element.

Although "Gravity" and "12 Years A Slave" are among the movies with the most Oscar buzz this year, it isn't always so clear-cut for the people who make the award decisions.

"This is one of the most suspenseful seasons we've had," said Tom O'Neil, editor of "No movie is screaming that it's tailor-made for Oscar."

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