Sandra Bland: Family "In Pieces" Over Grand Jury Ruling

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Sandra Bland died back in July in a Waller county, Texas jail after she failed to make the $5000 bail.

Since then, the family of Sandra Bland and the arresting officer involved in her case, as well as the jail staff, have been at odds over how she died.

Sandra Bland was found hung with a plastic bag in her cell three days after being arrested during a traffic stop that became violent.

On Monday, a grand jury ruled that there would be no indictments brought against Brian Encinia, the arresting officer in her original traffic stop, or any other law enforcement personnel.

Since Sandra Bland died, her family has insisted that it was mistreatment by law enforcement that led to suicide or that she was murdered.

Sandra Bland's death came at a time during the summer when relations between groups like the Black Lives Matter movement and law enforcement were heated.

The grand jury met for 11 hours on Monday, then released a statement that her death was ruled a suicide and that no indictments would be made, which made Sandra Bland's family angry.

Sandra Bland's sister, Sharon Cooper, said the family is "in pieces this holiday season."

She continued, "The timing of the grand jury, in my personal opinion, is disrespectful to the family and it continues to pour salt on a wound that has already been ripped open for the past five months. It prolongs the grieving process. And it is insulting."

She added, "We feel like we have been shut out of this process from the very beginning. And we're at the door, knocking, willing and waiting, and waiting for the door to open for the answers that we've asked for regardless of what they are."

On the other hand, prosecuting attorney Darrell Jordan said he would like to meet with family members and "answer every question they have."

He added, "I'm begging to meet with them. Their attorney has my personal cellphone number. Anytime the family is ready to talk, we can. Early morning, midnight, please call me."

What do you think is going on with Sandra Bland's family?

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