San Diego Election: Kevin Faulconer, City's New Mayor

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Results are in for San Diego’s special election and Kevin Faulconer will be the city’s next mayor.

The Republican Councilman will imminently replace interim mayor Todd Gloria, who supplanted ex-Mayor Bob Filner last year. Filner was ensnared an array of accusations regarding sexual harassment before he left the position on Aug. 31. The 71-year-old was San Diego’s first Democratic mayor in twenty years. Following his guilty plea to three charges of mistreating women, he is currently serving out a 90 day sentence of home-confinement.

Faulconer vaguely referenced said scandal when he stated, “This city has gone through a lot in the last year,” and added, “but we knew that as San Diegans we were better than that.”

After Faulconer’s win over David Alvarez of 55.2% to 44.8%, the latter said he contacted him to offer his congratulations.

Despite his loss, Alvarez’s true victory might be best described by Todd Gloria. Gloria had endorsed him during the election and described him as a "son of a janitor and fast-food worker,” and went on to say, “His story is proof that anything is possible in San Diego." Although he had hoped to keep a Democrat in office by becoming the city’s first Latino mayor, Alvarez expressed to Faulconer how much he’s looking forward to working with him.

Reciprocating this sentiment, Faulconer ensures that he and Alvarez will work hard “to move our city forward.”

At the U.S. Grant Hotel, 46-year-old Faulconer said to his supporters, "Together, you have sent a very strong message -- not only here in San Diego but throughout our region - that this city is going to have an independent leader; this city is going to stand up and work together to bring us all together."

Promising to put aside party differences, he also stated, "It's never been about partisanship, it's been about leadership," and added, "It's not about Republicans, Democrats or independents. It's about us being San Diegans and moving this city together."

On March 3, Kevin Faulconer he will be sworn in to finish the remainder - approximately three years - of Filner's term.

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