San Antonio Spurs Win 2014 Championship, Claim Fifth NBA Title

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Ending Miami Heat's two year winning streak, the San Antonio Spurs claimed their fifth NBA title. The games were won 5-1, and the score of the final game was 104-87.

"It makes last year OK," player Tim Duncan told CBS.

Miami Heat received a crushing defeat in the final game. After losing four games to the Spurs, Miami Heat needed to make a major comeback and win the next three games.

What ended up happening? They lost. One could say that the San Antonio Spurs got their revenge for Miami beating them last year 4-3.

Or it could be the tide simply rising in the favor of the Spurs once more. Their last title was claimed seven years ago, and their four previous titles were won within a ten year time period.

Although fans of Miami Heat may be disappointed. Some commentators like Rob Oller from the Collumbus Dispatch found the game beautiful. "The Spurs’ artistry of play is refreshing, considering basketball no longer is known for its poetry of motion," Oller wrote, "The game has turned, for the worse, from something resembling geometric simplicity — perfectly angled bounce passes, 45-degree back-door cuts and triangular ball movement — into a display of power dunking, three-point gunning and one-on-one clear outs."

The Spurs, instead of shooting first, passed during their game, something Oller recognized as an aesthetic revitalization of the sport. Is he right? See for yourself:

Who takes the credit for this win? Perhaps coach Gregg Popovich would be a good candidate. It was he, after all, who chose to pursue effective team building instead of attempting to recruit major stars.

Regardless, the coach remains gracious in victory. When asked about Miami Heat player LeBron James, Popovich replied, according to Westport News, "LeBron James is a great player. He's a great competitor. He's a class act. And I know he's feeling what we felt last year, and I don't wish that on anybody. It's tough. Most people never even have that feeling. Either the feeling of elation or the depression that goes with a loss."

Image via NBA Playoffs, YouTube.

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