San Antonio Spurs On Top: Can Miami Heat Come Back?


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The Miami Heat are on the verge of being blown away by a dominant San Antonio Spurs. With only one win from four, the NBA Finals have thus far been a shocking blow to the defending NBA champions.

This is the same team that won the NBA title two seasons in a row. Last year it was the Heat besting the Spurs 4-3 after seven games played.

It is possible for the Heat to somehow dig deep enough to make this scoreline a reality once more.

The team would have to light the kind of fire under their own asses that leads to three game winning streaks at the last possible minute. At the same time, the Spurs would have to suffer one HELL of a blow to their confidence and game play to allow it to happen.

Make no mistake: This Spurs team is on a mission. This must not be forgotten, however unexpected their thrashing of the Heat happens to be.

This is a team dreaming of a return to glory, one that was dashed by the Heat last season. A fact they have obviously taken quite personally judging by their ongoing ruthlessness in this series.

The Spurs were a force to be reckoned with from 2002 to 2007, having secured 3 NBA titles during that window of time.

Over the past several years the Spurs have felt the empire they worked so hard to build in the early 2000s sliding downhill. Meanwhile, the Heat’s fortunes have drastically improved with the coveted LeBron James regularly touted as the team’s talisman. Winning the NBA Finals would give this team three back-to-back NBA titles.

Following the 2013 final, many dreamed of a rematch. How many predicted it would happen again so soon?

Probably the same number of people that foresaw the Spurs trampling over the Heat. The Heat may win their next game. They may win the next TWO games. But three games?

The odds are not in their favor.

Waiting for San Antonio to slip just isn't an option, not when they're one game away from winning it all. For the Miami team, it's now or never.

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