Samuel L. Jackson Furious At News Anchor's Mistake

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Samuel L. Jackson has been a Jedi Knight named Mace Windu, he's been comic book hero and spy Nick Fury, and he's been...well Samuel L. Jackson. But there is one role that he has not taken on and it's left one news anchor's ears ringing and face quite red. KTLA’s Sam Rubin found himself "in the dog house" after an on air interview made it seem he mistook the actor for Laurence Fishbourne.

It all started Monday morning when the Los Angeles entertainment anchor greeted Jackson excitingly discussing his recent work. Jackson was on hand to do a short interview in promotion of the upcoming "RoboCop". During the process of gushing Rubin asked about any response to a recent Super Bowl commercial he featured in.

The response was confused silence and then Jackson asked what commercial he was referring to. Jackson has appeared a commercial for Capital One, but this wasn't the commercial that Rubin had in mind. Unfortunately for the dumbfounded anchor, Jackson assumed he was referencing the Kia Super Bowl commercial. The ad featured actor Laurence Fishburne reprising his role as the Matrix's Morpheus, his most known character role to date.

Jackson then proceeded to let the flustered anchor have it with both barrels.

“You’re as crazy as the people on Twitter! I am NOT Laurence Fishburne!”

Jackson felt that there was the possibility that Rubin's inability to distinguish between himself and Fishbourne was race-related.

"We don’t all look alike! We may be all black and famous, but we don’t all look alike!"

To be fair, if the mistaken identity accusation were true, maybe it wasn't the fact that both actors were black that threw Rubin; it could have been the baldness. Of course, that doesn't explain why Rubin didn't ask Jackson about what he was going to do with himself now that "Breaking Bad" is over.

All joking aside, Sam Rubin actually offered up a somewhat valid explanation for what happened after the verbal lashing was over. As it turns out, Jackson did feature in a major Super Bowl commercial—the latest trailer for the upcoming "Captain America: The Winter Soldier." In fact, it was what Rubin had brought up right before asking about a commercial.

If this is the case, perhaps Rubin won't have to live down the occasion to the level that many anticipated.

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