Salma Hayek Talks Prostitutes and Pornography

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Salma Hayek may have been seen as a hot body or a long time, but she's been working for the cause of equality for women for ...

"For about 30 years." Hayek says.

Salma Hayek is happy that so many other actresses are taking up the banner and not letting the issue fade from public sight. But she also insists that the problem of pay disparity is not just about Hollywood.

"It's not exclusive to the movie industry at all," Hayek says. "It's the same in every industry. The only two industries where women get paid more than men are prostitution and pornography. We have to be so good to get noticed in any other way. We have to be three times as good as they are."

Salma Hayek's words are echoed by those of Robin Wright, who recently said something very similar.

"It’s our time to have wage equality once and for all, and equal rights for women in the United States of America," Wright continued. “It is a man’s world. Most industries are a man’s world. But when you break it down, it’s women [who do the work]. But they don’t necessarily get the credit."

Hayek also points out that it is not just in the payroll department that Hollywood ignores women, but in writing and deciding what films to promote.

"I'm very hopeful that it's gonna change really fast, not because Hollywood cares about women but because we represent economically something that they need and that they neglected. Now they're in trouble because they don't even know what we want to see."

While Hollywood knws with certainty that men like big action movies, perhaps comic book films, they are unclear about what to offer women.

"What do we want to see? We've been so abandoned by this industry that I don't think we even know. What is our big, exciting, movie experience? Nobody's bothered to ask the question."

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