Salma Hayek: I Used To Get Guests Drunk At Dinner Parties

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Salma Hayek has made more headline in the past year than she did in the first 10 years of her acting career. The Mexican-American actress has spoken out about Donald Trump, sexism in Hollywood, and activism.

In the middle of all this, Hayek was given the "Decade of Hotness Award" by Spike this year.

Salma Hayek commented about the award.

"When you start you're like, 'No, I want them to see me for my talent, and know me as an actress,'" Salma Hayek told reporters at the awards ceremony.

She recalled finding out that she was considered a "bombshell" after the film Desperado was released.

"My English was worse than now and I read the reviews that, 'Salma Hayek was a bombshell,' and to me this means that I was terrible, that I had bombed!" Hayek said. "Everyone told me, 'No, no, it means that you're great, that you're sexy!' And [I was like], 'That's it? They didn't talk about my acting?"

Recently, Harper's Bazaar asked Hayek a few personal questions about her downtime and how she has fun. They wanted to know her secret to a great dinner party?

"I don't do this anymore," Hayek replied, "but when I was young and insecure about my cooking, I had a great trick: I would always start the meal with tequila soup, which is made the chicken broth and a touch of tequila and lime. And then everyone would get a little tipsy, so if I messed up the rest of the dinner, they wouldn't care and wouldn't remember anyway!"

Hayek also recently made headlines when she got a restraining order against two women she said were threatening her and her daughter, Valantina.

"This case arises out of a bizarre pattern of behavior by two apparently mentally disturbed individuals," Hayek said in her filing for the order. "Their actions include, among others, concocting ruses to meet Hayek's family members to obtain Hayek's contact information, impersonating Hayek to another celebrity, attempting to directly contact Hayek herself, and impersonating Hayek in contacting Hayek's minor child.

"In one communication while posing as Hayek, [one of the women] made a veiled threat regarding kidnapping and ransoming Hayek's minor child."

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