Salma Hayek Granted Restraining Order Against Lesbian Stalker Couple

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Salma Hayek was granted a restraining order on Friday against lesbian couple Liana Philippon and Odette Bodagh, now exes, who stalked and impersonated her.

Philippon and Bodagh went so far as to move to Los Angeles to be closer to Salma Hayek after Bodagh's marriage fell apart due to her obsession with the actress.

Salma Hayek's legal team stated in court documents, "This case arised out of a bizarre pattern of behavior by two apparently mentally disturbed individuals."

They went on to say, "Their actions include, among others, concocting ruses to meet Hayek's family members to obtain Hayek's contact information, impersonating Hayek to another celebrity, attempting to directly contact Hayek herself, and impersonating Hayek in contacting Hayek's minor child."

It gets wierder as the document went on to claim, "In one communication while posing as Hayek, Philippon made a veiled threat regarding kidnapping and ransoming Hayek's minor child."

Bodagh was the only one to appear in court on Friday. During proceedings, Bodagh expressed regret, tearfully saying, "I thought there was a relationship. I was under the impression I was talking to Salma."

She added, "I am so sorry I did it."

Well, at least Salma Hayek shouldn't have to worry about these two disturbed ladies for a while. However, her co-stars can sometimes be a different matter.

On Tuesday's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Salma Hayek admitted that her Desperado co-star, Antonio Banderas, gave her two monkeys as a gift.

Salma Hayek said, “I had fallen in love with these two monkeys that were supposed to be in the movie and then they got cut out.”

Therefore, as a gesture of friendship Bandera gave her both monkeys, which she named Mariachi and Catalina after their characters in the movie.

“Mariachi was so nice to me. He was kind of in love with me,” said Hayek. “Catalina was jealous. That witch was awful to me. She was so possessive ... So we had a little bit of a triangle.”

Yikes. Salma Hayek and love triangles. I'm not sure which one is more weird.

What do you think about Salma Hayek's restraining order?

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