Salma Hayek Does Topless Shoot at 48 [Pics]

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Salma Hayek is 48 years old. And guys don't care.

Salma Hayek was given the Decade of Hotness Award at the Spike's 2015 Guys Choice Awards. The actress is outspoken about sexism in Hollywood, but she accepted that award with mucho gusto.

"When you start you're like, 'No, I want them to see me for my talent, and know me as an actress,'" Salma Hayek explained.

Salma Hayek found out that she was considered a "bombshell" after the film Desperado was released.

"My English was worse than now and I read the reviews that, 'Salma Hayek was a bombshell,' and to me this means that I was terrible, that I had bombed!" Hayek said. "Everyone told me, 'No, no, it means that you're great, that you're sexy!' And [I was like], 'That's it? They didn't talk about my acting?"

"Now?! They want to give me a decade of hotness – I'm like, 'Bring it on!' " she says. "You really like to be 'hot' after you're 40."

Now Salma Hayek is nearly topless in an Allure photo shoot that features her on the cover of the magazine.

"I got to work with the wonderful Patrick Demarchelier, and he always tries to do the minimum clothes possible," Hayek says of the shoot. But she insists that the result "looked very nice" and "doesn't look vulgar."

"I was very nervous and I think I looked very uncomfortable at the beginning," Hayek said of showing so much skin. "I mean, you can't see anything. Don't get excited!"

Take a look for yourself, and decide whether you are excited.

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